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Real Estate & Finance

Bellestar® offers the most attractive business opportunities in commercial real estate today. Malls, shopping centers, warehouses and office buildings now show strong occupancy rates and good returns, while many of them are selling below replacement cost. At the same time the residential market sustained an unprecedented positive trend fueled by remarkable growth in the population.

Paving the World Green

Always offering the ultimate in environmental technology, Bellestar® Ecotec, LLC and its affiliates provide sound engineering solutions for every client’s needs, whether Governmental or private, such as dust control, soil stabilization and from erosion control to road surfacing. Read More

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Since 1991, the Bellestar® group has successfully been a part of those diversified markets, as both a private investor (Limited Partner) and an asset and property manager (General Partner) through the organization of single purpose Limited Liability Companies or Limited Partnerships. The group is also very active in many world class markets, in Latin America, Africa and Asia, which are currently showing excellent rates of return and optimal alternatives. In 2011, all those real estate activities have been completed with high-tech and environment friendly road construction and housing technologies, through its sister company Bellestar Ecotec, LLC. Along with other private investors from many places in the world, you can share a part of our activity by becoming a Member or a Limited Partner in one of our present or future ventures in Florida and the rest of the world.

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